You went ahead
& did it
writing in the note
how you’d researched
the detail
& I’m still not there
in the place
where I can support
your decision
& yes
it wasn’t mine to take
there were a hundred plus
to say goodbye
& not one
would’ve denied
you comfort
in your last days
but you took
yourself away
kept it all in
& denied us
our care
our thoughts
we knew that life
was not going
how you’d
planned it
whose does?
& I was hoping
you’d get through
over yourself
into that place
where all of us sit
in life
goofy faced
& laughing
look at WTF happened
to our plans
but hey
no transigimos con la traición
for a friend
I once felt
as part of my family
& was hoping
to meet again

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