70’s poems

when I’m 70

I intend to write poems

that reflect a life well lived

with some regrets

half hidden humour

about how our plans

are just that

there will be tears fears


hints about illnesses overcome

love sex lust failure

with some wins

enough to provide

energy to go on

no tips advice motivational speeches

on how to live your life

tho’ there will be maps

here be traps the dragons

potholes in the road

on a map a road

you can never

walk upon

not to ask questions

hiding & listening

is what we learned to do

brought up

not to ask questions

of people older than you

we’d hide under the table

as the beer flowed

the talk became free

gossip got sung

on money owed

who’d been doing things

out of the light of day

these strangers

I rarely saw heard speak

hiding & listening

there at their feet

getting understanding

why they hated each other so

none better than the other

just united by blood

a gun for hire

the news they brought

came in pieces


designed by a lesser mind

in hope to enrage

& I could see the play

coming from a long way away

wanting nothing from me

but violence to another

that they could not do

no pay no offers

just I’d like you to hurt

fuck them up a bit

& I was looking for the label

some hint about my attire

that this lover of words

fun times the women

could be

a gun for hire

to bubble up

do you ever see…?

he asks sly

knowing the answer

not for some time

I reply

one of those who got away

with a grim smile

him knowing

that’s not all

I got other feelings

hidden under that disguise

might take me a while

to bubble up

let go

with company such as his

wanting me to give

while he keeps

his inside

putting on patches

these boys

I see strutting the street

believing in brotherhood

hanging together

putting on patches

as the water gets warmer

& before they know

will be

having to put on a show

not be who they were

but who they wanna be

the dues getting collected

get bigger harder tougher

ramping over a short time

& before long the numbers

were not what they were

the attention starts to hurt

& then they will wonder

who chose

this direction to go?


something Che taught me early on

always use the enemy

as the main source of supply

great guerrilla tips no1

& I’d shave a minute here

take 5 there

goof around on the bosses time

use their phone to schedule

trips to the doctor dentists

put my claim in hours allowed

pencils paper copying

to get my words down out

& then I noticed

people I called friends

using my phone paper pens

couch shitter place to eat drink

giving nothing back

& realised they knew

tip No1 & that

I was the enemy


time to move on

I had a week to wait between rooms

& my friend wanting to help said

come sit with me in the truck

& there we were doing nights

roaming the empty country

out the door at ten pm running until six of dawn

back to his for seven

I’d take a walk do some thinking

sleep on a bench

do anything fill the hours

& he said this can’t go on come sleep on the floor


I’d see her face as she saw mine

knew it would only be a matter of time

I had three days there getting the needed rest

until I knew what was coming

I know it’s hard friend but I thinks it’s for the best

if you go back to the bench

she’s starting to fret upsetting my calm

& thankfully there was

just one more night sitting in the dark

then I could move into my new rooms

put the whole thing down to adventure

get some hard-won sleep

seen better days

living down by the creek

we bought this old mobile home

seen better days

parked it behind the old building

out of sight of the people

or so we thought

no heating no water no toilet

but we were young

did not need much

& the ladies still found us

wanted to stay the nights

until winter came

& then they wanted us

to come visit them

then the authorities issued orders

because the man

always stops the fun

we had to tear it down

sell the metal for scrap

build a trailer from the base

to sell on get some cash back

& find new places to live

thankfully warmer

with water and comforts

but so much less fun

I knew that tune

I could hear

the piano music playing

slow soft descant

in the background

if not the tune

which is unusual

if you’re outdoors

by a lake


these moments

would be gone forever


so I drank them in

to a starving man

fragments froth

taste like nectar

while waiting

for the words

to be said

& when that was over

trust me

I knew that tune

these blessings

sure didn’t start that way

my girl taking her aged mother

to the dentist the doctor

picking up from hospitals

worrying over her ill health

her now finite future

& I don’t have these things

to fret over

my parents being long gone

not part of my life for so long

& I wanted back when I was young

somebody steadfast there to love

to feel their arms care for me

the lack of I felt as burden

but now see as a blessing

to not have to carry them

into their finite future