time to move on

I had a week to wait between rooms

& my friend wanting to help said

come sit with me in the truck

& there we were doing nights

roaming the empty country

out the door at ten pm running until six of dawn

back to his for seven

I’d take a walk do some thinking

sleep on a bench

do anything fill the hours

& he said this can’t go on come sleep on the floor


I’d see her face as she saw mine

knew it would only be a matter of time

I had three days there getting the needed rest

until I knew what was coming

I know it’s hard friend but I thinks it’s for the best

if you go back to the bench

she’s starting to fret upsetting my calm

& thankfully there was

just one more night sitting in the dark

then I could move into my new rooms

put the whole thing down to adventure

get some hard-won sleep

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