them or me?

had some idea

of being popular was to hold parties

once a month would host a gathering

music until the early hours

oh how my neighbors loved me

people getting drunk into love

fights on the grass outside

over those new found affairs

old grievances aired under nights light

& then one day you find

all of this to be tedium

boring even

notice they weren’t holding gigs

& if they did

were boring events nobody spoke

of books films writing painting arts

there were no fistfights over anything

everybody politely agreeing to disagree

& you take a minute

bend the knee

is it them

or is it me?


other stories in time

he took a train

I saw him off at the station

turned & walked away

he would not be coming

this way ever again

though I did not fully understand

that at the time

my instincts told me so

& there wasn’t a sad eye

about the place

we were friends once

that time had come to an end

he would go on to lesser things

gambling women & the drink

never finding the money

to put ink to paper

a one time great friend

& later you hear stories from others

the spiral down the deep sink

to think of trains & stations

none of us the loser here

just different destinations

other stories in time


you meet them everywhere

& your innate response

is to cock the head to one side


clingers to truth

it was this way in my youth

so this must be as it is now

& where to begin?

nobody has the right

to dislodge another’s point of view

out dated out moded

downright dysfunctional

though it maybe

head to one side you mutter

yeah ok I understand

I hold a different view

& the best of all of this

is they firmly understand


are the one in the wrong

old tweed jacket

in an old photo

from the time before digital

& I look lost in it

the photo


the hand me down jacket

& she who took the pic

would be leaving me soon

I had lost my way with her

the whole of the world

not through badness

events had killed my spirit

& was in need

of alone time to reflect

find a different direction

& change don’t come easy

when your best coat

is one given in a hand out

yet everything

will always be

a climb up

from there

strange desire


I am careful with myself

but today

found myself caught

by a pair of beautiful blue eyes

sweet open smile


it has been a while

since I felt this

coursing through my veins

tickling there in my groin

wanting something from

the strangeness of another

pulling in feelings

out of the air

& I’ll be sure

to ensure

I don’t pass this way

again soon

higher song

I get mail

notes from others

folk I loved way back when

& let’s not get confused

not all of them are my friends

but we are family

raised by different mothers

& I might get misty about these

cos I get none

from the people who raised me

they have nothing

to say to out loud anymore

& you may think

I must’ve done them badly

been just plain wrong

but the truth is harder

I frighten them

having adventures

seeing & being in the world

they just don’t like

I raised myself strong

learned a higher song

stepped out of the mud

learned to crawl free

an all talk cat

the cat

who turned out to be

housecat in the end

knew I had something

going on

& wanted to take my hand

make some adventures

strike out to new lands

but his mother

had told him

real young

(& mean

but that’s a different story)

to watch out

for folk like me

as we’d take him

to difficult

dark places

& for all that

she was right

but what they forgot to know

these are the places

where people grow


if he tells you

he knew me well

smile & stroke him real nice

he’s an all talk cat

but no show