God save us

from the weary

they that grow tired

of us speaking the wrong truths

having the not right feelings

that does not encompass

take the side

of them

I want them to have their way

much as I want my ways too

but their demands

insist on me following a different line

or new laws must be made

& none of this

enriches any of us

makes tables groan for weight

working hours will stay the same

bring the price of anything to right

this being but daemons dancing on a pinhead

fighting to be oppressed

god save us from the weary

for I am so tired of them


Do nothing

he wants to throw over 20 years

of being married

to the same shrew

he once knew & loved

selling the house

from under her

letting go of all their stuff

after a weekend

with a new Judy

is gonna go live with her

in a new city

give up his antidepressants

old life

& he says

you inspired me

that late night chat

when I was talking about life

you said ‘follow your dick’

& yeah, I did say that


he’d been here before

flirting with the impossibles

& grown tired of the game

to return home

& all I’d had to do



was to do nothing

but I didn’t

& now

its going to be a wild ride

for a while

just where?

I’m hungry

she says

where shall we go?

I’m not playing I said

not paying?

no, not playing

we’ll go wherever you want

but I’m not playing this

knock down ginger game…

I say a place

you say no

for some reasons

that only make sense to you

you don’t want to take me out?

she goes

sure, I say

where do you wanna go?

you decide she says

& the game begins again

a ploy on words

I don’t understand

she said

with you

I always feel

like I need an interpreter

ok said I

I’ll take it slow

what you think I’m saying

are not the words in play

we are over


I am leaving

thought I’d say this

to you

rather than a note

for you to find

I don’t understand

she said

I thought we were good

had more to do together

& you’re saying no?

yes, I’m saying no

started heading across the floor

wait, just wait, she asked

was it something I said


yes came my reply

other side of her door

there is nothing else

I wish to say


no more


we were talking

being involved in some cause

& I could feel a tingle


or need

we talked on

reached some conclusion

& I wondered

if ever

we might meet again

months later

usual late night party chat

& we went off to her place

in the early hours

sat in the kitchen

night caps of vodka

& self conscious smiles

there in the harsh light

we spoke of our conversation

of the months before

I thought we might end up here

like this, she smiled

I had a tingle

felt the attraction

it felt weak to say me too

but I did

come, she said

taking me by the hand

leading me upstairs to her bed

& we did it

strong, powerful, complete

I left in the morning

with the bird noise

competing for space

met her from time to time

though I never saw her bed again

& we spoke only once of that night

I’m glad, she said, we scratched that itch

because we can now be friends


& over time she receded further

until she was gone

over the horizon

away from the itch of me

Reaching out

wanting to get through

sending kindness

to you

to me

for us to heal the past

if we can but find the words

that is the process

& if you don’t want to know

then feelings stay stuck

maybe this is how you want to be

leaving me only

to say


I tried

I’ll wait for you to be ready

in the meantime

you are too painful to be around

while you act out your feelings


from distant days past