we had us a good run

took them years

for us a decade or so

before the truth got out

they hated me

everything I stood for

they’d been interpreting

right from the start

where I thought felt

I’d been operating

right from the heart

their hate bubbled out

rancid streams of piss

puke bile y’know the score

& I felt a sense of relief

thank fuck for all of that

at least from now on

I don’t have to bother

playing nice to these

smiling faces hiding hate


other side of the world

I got a call

where are you?

right now I said

I’m on the other side of the world

we were wondering where you were

as we hadn’t heard from you

in a while

I’d say 8 months give a week or two

that long?

I could hear the puzzle there in the voice

yeah that long

I figured if you didn’t notice my presence

then you might not notice my absence

they rang off

pretending not to understand

which was understood

by all of us

believe it themselves

even believe it themselves

they will say out loud that they love you

may even

believe it themselves

yet when you point out the gap

between theory & practice

the real feelings emerge

& all it was

I pointed out their controlling

the way they arranged everything

to suit themselves

not us their guests

when we stayed in their home

on one of the islands in the sun

please give us a little privacy

leave our shit alone

maybe not rearrange us

do our washing hang it on the line?

if you make the bed like in hotels

can I have that mint on the pillow


I ended up wearing her man’s drawers

they’re black she said just the same

oh no I noticed right away I said

mine are baggier in the front

heavier balls you see

don’t you know?

just more

bumps you get to see


share in the pain given

but the unseen


unspoken of

daily drudge

of the unkind


create the teen

growing into adult





how the world is

& your kindness

offer to help



will be seen

in the light of this


just more

to come

I felt disinclined

I felt disinclined

to send out invitations

vote for folks who did not care

do something with my hair

my shoes life clothes

I felt disinclined

to sit with people I did not know

talk with people I did

put on a party dress

only to take part in the dull

I felt disinclined

listening to music watch movies

take in ideas fashions mores

someone thought I should

for my own betterment

walk in dead mans shoes

wear a borrowed overcoat

make a rhyme every line

I felt disinclined

spilling out

you don’t laugh then

tho’ later

you know it to be funny

the letter tumbling from her purse

spilling out

I love you don’t you see

in a spiritual way

want to be with you forever

& the words

were not written for me

but for her other

new lover

who did not know about me

nor me him

until the letter dropped

to the floor



there were tears outrage

not from me

but her

in being found out

the from then on

ex lover

my first reading

end of the room in a hippy bar

place where the kids had defaced the poster

with better rhymes than I had to show

the guitarist from the band

set me up with a mic’ & speaker

as my friends & family came in to support

I started to read slow clear

fighting the buzz at the bar

voices talking over

& then the moment came on

the sounds got low

every now & then

came a yes! say it!

spoken not shouted & beers came over

at first from the owner

then the punters the people

(my own crowd too tight to buy)

hearing words they seemed to know

liking what I spoke to

while I learned to let the line speak for itself

& sixty minutes in I closed the show

my tongue dry & fat

it was time to drink the beer

finally let go & relax

little bit of gold

when he died he left no will

& his overgrown kids fought over

his motorcycles

the little bit of gold he had

rings chains with pendants

began using lawyers to spite each other

who of course gobbled up

any value there was there

& going to his funeral

I dragged out the new colors he’d given me

when I finally became a member of the MC

I’d kept those for best

preferring the battle scars of my old cut

gained in prospecting on my back

& this was that special occasion

my brother gone

to the big clubhouse in the sky

& there in the pocket

unfound until now

a chain for me

just a little bit of gold

to remember him by

& you can be sure I did not tell his kids

about that

RIP Flomp

over there in a faint yellow sun

walking the pavement

in a faint yellow sun

not always it seems

able to hitch a ride

walking walking

looking for something

& I’d stop

lean on a wall

fish out the pen paper

sometimes to the excitement

of passers by

what’choo doin?

they’d ask impudent

writing my own thoughts I’d say

oh ok like they’d found a spy

some wandering council official

writing on the state of the place

disappointed they’d wander on

muttering that I was just a fool

& maybe eh?

but at least I wasn’t the one

asking foolish questions

out loud

under a faint yellow sun


music hanging in the air

an ancient refrain keening


them from us

silks velvets furs

from the coarse cloth

down the hill

we were made of mud

hard broken bones

shit piss blood

bent backs fit for toil

& nothing else

theirs was the watching world

enjoying the spoils

make sure we worked

until our last breath

burdened with the curse

knowing we despised them

but wanting our love


some of our weaker

brothers & sisters