hell of a place

hell of a place

the mailman nods

says hi, how are you?

the guy at the gas station

wants to know about my day

as does the girl

doing the checkout

for my groceries

in the post office the clerk

asks if I’m going away at all

as they have these great

foreign exchange deals

to make my holiday sweeter

even the waitress

bringing my coffee

wants to know

how I am today

all this concern

for me

my welfare

well being

& I’m not sure

I can stand it



how long?

inside the fly cover

of Tristan & Isolde

love you always

spangles xxx

& I have no idea

where she is now

who she is loving

(always xxx)

how long

does a lovers promise last

until just after it is spoken?

written as evidence of gift

the end of the affair

or are these only words

that last

to convey the feeling

of now?

this is for

if you have no soul

no desire

be holding on to self pity

are part of that thin world

where everyone

every single thing

is agin’ you

scroll on pal

this is not for you

find something else

to reassure you


is for

the triers

hard time players

get up & do it again’ers

those of us who

put our pants on

in the morning

knowing it will be much the same

as yesterday was much the same

but different in its own way

as the day before

but we put our pants on

or panties if you prefer

one leg after the other

& go do shit



one of these same days

will not be


just pay me eh?

new magazine wrote me:

can you do something on X?

so I wrote about X

& they loved it

can you do more?

so I wrote about Y

only they liked Y

got all hurt upset

I’d been so unkind disrespecting

don’t send no more

here’s a cheque less what we said

‘cos we won’t use your score

that my bredren

is how easy it is

for writers

get hired

& fired


the will to carry on

doesn’t arrive with flowers

sun spots first light

I found mine somewhere

nearer the floor

hazy rock bottom

after night years of pain

hating everything

starting ending with me

& somewhere

to the left of nothing

the right of dead love

after not before

that high wall of despair

sat a small dark knot

I grabbed held on tight

sucked it into my belly

made it through those last

pitch night hours

the knot sits here now

prodding life into love

just carry on

just carry on

lets see what happens next

& that is all we need


rum rotten lot

in parts of the globe

maybe bits of flat earth

who knows?

when my family name is said

people draw breath

look around

& gasp: they are a rum crowd

we are a family scattered

wild seeds

split by family secrets

do as I say not as I do

& when we die

these will go with us

& those left behind

not knowing where to stop

tear away to foreign lands

corners of the globe

adding to the legend

whispers on the wind

there go the crazy kind

such a rum rotten lot



you knew the place

& I knew it too

though we’d never been there

at least in this life

I felt some contentment there

painting the view

& you

felt close to the walls the ground

the flowers hanging all bright

looking after me, us

but we never went there

saw that sun in your eyes

I couldn’t hold my love to you

at least in this life

maybe the one comes after

or the time came before

will do that for us