you you & you

an ancient place

with you you & you

three women of a certain age

sitting on a ridge in the sun

top of the stone quarries

where they never say the name

of the furry long ear

with the white bob tail

I took the photograph

of you you & you

you never loved me

fighting me for nine years

you learned to love me

over thirty years

& you

you loved me from the start

recognising a fellow soul

a joyful happy heart

no hurts intended

& if only

I could have traded

your places in my life

what the world

would have been

relieved in a look

we met


we met again long time later

over indifferent coffee

looking within a look

who would cave first?

who would be confessor

who the priest?

would there be absolution?

I caught your gaze

eyes under darkened lashes

tell me I said how you are

& your gates opened

telling tales of everything

no dam to your flow

as I heard again over

your pet peeves

angst of unrequited loves

men who never quite fit

the pattern in your head

much as I once did not

& I noticed your eyes

not ever focussing on mine

I was finally off the hook

now just a bucket for your woes

I was relieved by a look

voice on the radio

driving to the store

thinking of nothing

maybe chips dips

the kind you find everywhere

& your voice came on the radio

though it could not be you

this being another time place

different country

& if I thought I was over you

the tones coming into my car

made me change that understanding

brought you closer in

stabbed me hard in the feels

even if I would not want you here

want you back again

get out

I get out while I can

if people get rough

situations turn ugly

learning young

from my elders

when they thought

I was not listening

hearing them talk on me

he’ll make a good foreman

earning a wage in the truck factory

I got out of there fast as I could

maybe not making great choices

didn’t always the sky get to see

I don’t mind standing my ground

if there is a good place to stand

but when the talk turns ugly

its best to get out while you can

keep on going until later

you find a better place to land

low victories

I hear them out

nodding along sympatico

listening to low victories

she said so I said

he turned to me

& on infinitum

wondering just where


their fire went out

these were people

gonna be in movies

rock stars from the garage

creating making writing

subsumed into sad moves

he thought he could cheat

so I burned all his clothes

scratched his car

called his boss reported

as they then subside to tears

these low victories

are never enough

to plant a flag upon


I was here

in the saltwater gained

promises made

written somewhere

on lost papers

in the saltwater gained

who I’d be

what I would do

how things

our lives would change

& now

they lie forgotten

just another set

of cold nights

lying alone

semi drunk prayers

drifting into dead air

for lost lovers

half-forgotten friends

sulky solemn things we say

& the promises made

driftwood & sand

on the currents of another life

our fading days


times I had a crowd


was just me

walking alone

& I enjoy both

though if I have to choose

I’ll take the solitary path


the crowd has needs

got to be fed

new information

fresh fads

gossip to go

& I never quite know

why they flock the way they do

saying one thing

doing another

saying yes & being no

setting themselves

others up to fail

the who else will be there?

thing of cliques claques

until they rift apart

& I’m walking alone