oh the irony

they don’t forget or forgive


walking alongside the river

saw the rope hanging from a tree

I jumped high & on to swing out over the water

just about managed to get back on the bank

& my girl went next loving the excitement

will she or won’t she fall in?

& then my friend jumped on swinging out higher than us

being braver bolder badass

to swing back to hit the river bank with a bang

oh man we laughed the comedy of it

he hadn’t jumped up high enough on the rope

& it wasn’t just his body got bruised

another girl a very different time

as I put the leather hood she loved on her head

carefully making sure her hair escaped the long zip

why are you giggling? she asked indignant upset

the comedy of this making sure I don’t cause you pain

when I’ll be spanking you in a minute until your cheeks turn red

& she complained I was destroying the moment the mood

so I spanked her longer to maybe help her understand

that thing we had did not last long

she didn’t forget or forgive ever

neither did he

they never do

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