these places

we used to know

I came here once

with you

but not you

& neither

would recognise

these places

as they are now

all growed up

bigger older

more suburban

maybe even bloated

with success

change that to excess

& we could be talking

bout me

coming home to you

I found all these places

had experiences

only you were not there

& I could tell you

all about them

but why should you care

just words from a weary traveller

tales of wonder woe

places you & I could go

I was tired of living in hotels

meeting working with strangers

eating drinking sleeping alone

coming home to you

who never knew

how much time I’d been away

there on my own

thinking of you

my puddle hat

creating odd connections to places

this woolly hat

I found in a frozen puddle


her cute socks

we discovered under

our cheap hotel bed


making sure

we had left nothing behind

creating memories of good people

my native design blue white

jacket keeping me warm now

the store clerk in macy’s

gave me friends & family discount

& more for a dirt mark on the cuff

we were are travelling light of funds

& on

shirts from Reno thrift

jeans downtown discount places

wearing t shirts end of range

tying us to towns

cities landscapes


soft blow the spark

I was waiting

on the corner

behind doors

in other peoples rooms

dark nights no friends

to take me home

looking for you

hoping for a call

& when we met

I could not tell you this

say the words to you

roads I walked alone

places I sat hoping

to catch a glimpse

something I could

claim as my own

for fear you’d feel reproach

that you were not there

where I wanted only

to soft blow the spark

build a fire

& to be true

I wanted to be gone

& to be true

I felt my people

wanted me gone too

one less mouth to feed

more cash for the booze

but where to go?

loving the sun the beach

the mountains lakes

green meadows blue skies

so many places

where to choose?

& knowing nowhere

could now be home

setting out for something

to be always alone

never settling here

wanting to be over there

somewhere else with you

these things you should never do

I went there

slowly back to where I was born

local cottage hospital

& that was no more

new houses planted on the spot

another place & time

the street I remember playing in

ragged homes now holding age

tired at the edges

& not a face I could put feelings on

the field I built my bonfires

had forts warfare battles


everything from there

now needs be held within

all external evidence vanished

sentiment holds time in place

places years & faces

& I know I wanted changes

yet I never knew

I needed something to hold onto