cowards I tell ya

we are all cowards

from the off

the starting line

wanting to put down

will tell you straight

our souls

deepest feelings

& end up half hearted

afraid to write the whole truth

for censorship cowardice

of our selves

so we write out a whine

that is as close

to our truths

as a supermarket list

to what we eventually bring home

that night at the crossroads

the man in my ears

is telling me of his hell

travelling blues the women

the drugs the booze

living in hotels

& he wants me to feel

some kind of sad

sorry for the sucker

how hard his life is

those hours on the stage

playing stuff he wrote

only yesterday

when he got the people

putting their money down

they worked night shifts more

telling him he’s great

they’d give their life for

& if I can give it to you

straight on the level

you & the devil

you made your deal

that night at the crossroads

& if it don’t suit no more

just turn out the light

there’s more thousands waiting

will run up the steps

won’t whine on their feels

be pleased to be there

getting their words out

pleasing us the crowd