what they got

these young women

I met & passed on

they thought

they were getting something else

but what they got

was not what they thought

they were getting

& I had no knowing then

they had plans

ideas in their heads

I was just doing me

each day getting better at that

looking for friends

& one or two I feel now

left scarred by the time

we had together

that meeting of ideas plans

& me working out of life

& should we meet again

I think I might be closer

or maybe even further away

from what you thought

I’d be

when we first met

but we now both know

it is too late for all of that

why so quiet?

she wants to know

he wants to know

& I have nothing to say

to either of them

they sure as hell

will not want

my opinion

words on what they got

going on yesterday

the things they did today

their cars

their families

dogs cats in laws

what they saw at the movies

on the internet tv

we spoke on these things

some time ago

& I can’t see

anything new brought into play

as they can only talk

of things

not themselves

their ideas are not their own

& that is why

I keep quiet most days

though nobody wants silence

in the face of this

its all I can say