wants me to listen

he got

that hyperbole

stringing out the lines

the excitement

of enticement

to push others

commit the crimes

in response

to his sweet words

covering the hate

& I’m saying louder

listen people listen

wake up

before its too late

but they say hush

hear the great words

the whoosh of his rhetoric

weft of well crafted words

creating space

for things to happen

it don’t come easy

its late

he’s drunk enough

he feels

to begin telling truths

I’m not like you he goes

life has been hard y’know

& I’m drunk enough too

not to argue

lets hear what the cat has to say

there’s a woven through story

of women who never loved

those who never laughed

people who died

times he cried in the pain of it all

struggling with the alone

& there amongst the weft

this golden thread

I never had it easy

not like you he says bitter thin

hey fella I smile

to you

this might look that way

but the smile here

is because I know

it don’t come easy

to any of us

but that sure is

the way it goes