new girls friends

dragged off to meet people

her friends

the ones pulled her through

& it becomes hard to care

you started this

eyes across a room

flimsy meet in the street

& now

there are faces to say hello to

& there will be one

there always is

treat her right or you will

have to answer to me

threats now

like I had any other

ideas in mind

makes a man want to walk

but you stay try anyway

& later she wonders why

you don’t want to meet

her friends again

standing in a room

no warning on the packet

I find myself feeling loss

standing in a room

staring out the window

feeling some dread for nothing

as I wonder where you are

there was no warning

anywhere on the packet

I know ‘cos I searched

high & low

not wanting these emotions

expecting them

after the day I fell for you

I’m happy getting the highs

but these dips when you go away

loss & less in empty rooms

were unexpected

fair warning

Oedipus had fair warning

& still he made his choices

much like me & you

if we were to take the time

to think on what we do

& who wants any of that?

time spent in contemplation

of the inevitable

instead of acting no malice intent

so like Sartre

did but did not say

we act

we do

& be

what we are destined to be

not all of us motherfuckers

but proud actors on our own stage

awaiting the curtain