sold me turquoise & silver

I found a Native American

who sold me turquoise & silver

said his name was Bob

& he looked like he had a face

that could listen

so I told him my people

had lost their path

some long time ago

& now didn’t even pretend

to talk to their God

he hummed a second or two

said: the important thing here son

is what YOU intend to do

& I said I was thinking

maybe getting something to eat

probably a beer or two

he laughed at that

you know what I mean he rumbled

shook my hand

as he looked me in the eye

said: I hope it’s rare

then started laughing some more

you some kind?

there at the thriftshop

she got lots of nervous energy going

that or flying high speedball state

& its eleven in the morning

either way I’m shy of too much contact

but too late she’s checked me out

you some kinda Cherokee?

& I want to retaliate

it’s fucking Navajo bitch

she’s misread the braided hair

turquoise & silver

instead I smile wide as the plains


just some white boy ethnic stuff

& that’s enough for her

she’s already moved on

like in the motorcycle swapmeet ariz.

who let the fucking Indian in?

you did honky

you did