smile wide as the sky

she liked me lots

she said

smile wide as the sky

‘cos I smelled like trouble

& while

I was checking my ‘pits

she refilled from the bottle

& I fell down into a hole

coming up for air

noticing she wasn’t around

started heading for home

once more all alone

thinking on the night

pitch black swallowing me

all the way down

thinking if I don’t learn

something from this


will be her name

all over again

hint of trouble to come

bargains on offer

wandering the aisles

local supermarket

a mans gotta eat

get supplies sometime

wondering what not to buy

avoiding the creatures

no homes to go to

idly standing by

in front of the things I need

& she smiled at me

caught my eye

giving internal pictures

a woman open

to new adventures

& all I really caught

with the flashing of her blue eyes

bright red hair

tight skirt & smile

was the hint of trouble to come



don’t you look at me like that

or I’ll give you something to cry for


which one of you did this?

tell me & I’ll fix it no trouble


what are you kids doing in here?

you know you are not allowed


one or some of you must be guilty

of something


you kids been smoking?

drinking partying having fun?


we got a report some kids have

broken ridden in played with


& on

hey how come you kids don’t talk?

trouble to my door

you brought plenty of things

nights of love & laughter

sweet sunny days that sped by

the happiness togetherness brings

times with you in Paris France

where we didn’t need music

the booze to get us up

on our feet to dance

& if I could I’d do it all

driving through Spain

the bullfights running the streets

sleeping outside too hot sheets

endless distances in deserts

to hold you close to me

but I swear I’d do it different

say goodbye sooner

before you created the rain

so I’d feel the same sad pains

of goodbye & distance

but not let you

ever again

bring trouble to my door