possibilities everything laying open

walking down your stairs

after a night sleeping together

driving into the city

dropping you at your work

me going to mine

when all that meant something

we were building a dream

picking you up

taking you home

looking out the windows

to the possibilities

everything laying open

& all we had to do

was to keep picking up treasures

young lovers in love & lust

that’s how life seemed then

Ancient houses

Hold treasures

dithery ghosts

that hide

the things you need

to then

put them in plain sight

when you don’t

creaks in floorboards

mad holes in walls


could have been there?

a sighing

in certain winds

cold corners

even spiders ignore

memories under

over wallpapered walls

impressions of heads


messages from builders

now joined the long dead

to enter a room

that a presence

has just left

though you are


on your own today

and to not feel fear


but to know

that ancient houses

hold treasures

without a price