there were clues strewn

I did not pick up

thinking everything we had

was burnt so long ago

that when you said

pick up pick up

only then could I see the trail

leading to your conclusion

& all I could offer back

was silence


we were done then

were more done now

& were only talking

for polite conversation

& that I was only holding onto

for others present

their needing no past

no history no drama

for their consideration

need better

the arrogance man

flares from you

leaves a trail of smoke

& I thought obvs

he was smoking

something himself


a kind of green

with a hint of blue

& you? I asked

I got nothin’ he says

all slow sullen

I got nuthin’

not like you

you got it going on

you radiate charm

like life bounces off’f you

oh man

I go

where to start?

I say soft slow wistfuld

I think you need better drugs


another way

I’d drive them out of the city

sensation seeking students

& sometimes aspiring ne’er do wells

who the city wanted put straight

driving out to nature

where I’d walk them down a trail

to a full green valley bowl

scatter them off to disperse

find a spot by themselves

just sit for a while

four hours maybe five

until they heard the come here whistle

& some would come back too soon

unable to be alone

to be set back off again go complete

& at the end of the exercise

some would complain

of the tedium boredom isolation

the long dragging day

others would say felt like minutes

& the long drive home

was full of silence as the experience

of no phones no tv no people

just sitting by themselves

settled into their bones

now they knew

there was another way