Living with loss

he tells me of lovers

counting them off

finger by fingers thumbs

indicating toes

people he called out love to

now gone

the way of all flesh

living with loss he tells me

as the jug empties

& we call for more

gentle under the trees cicadas moon

& my turn will come he sighs

caught in the thought

the majesty of death

of course I say quiet

reaching across for olives

& oil

I know nothing of any of this

for I am immortal

having never ever felt loss

suffered in any way

felt life’s thin cruel whip

y’know he said all bright

& firing now

for my longest ever friend

you can be such a arsehole


oh they will let you

if making sure

you don’t mark the carpet

soil the drapes

even offer a band aid

raise your hopes

but no

they will cut you again


until you learn

to shut your mouth

head out on your toes

but first they’d like you to know

the bleeding is your problem

the cutting?

is just how life goes

I was listenin’ in

where doesn’t matter that much

but it would be a betrayal

so better not to say

one of those old-time gangsters

talking to his friend

about another of the creed

given a long stretch

managed a couple of years in

before he got on his toes & ran

escaped capture for a year

yeah he’d been away for 6 years

he was saying

then got himself a holiday

good people friends of ours

looked after him

but he popped out for a ‘paper

& got pinched

he tells me when we meet

it’s still the same

world full of nonce people

everybody got cars

have to have knives

& forks to eat dinner

nothing changes

he’s got a longer sit now

but he says he don’t care

did a bit of business while he was out

sorted the family for money

& now?

he’ll be a good man

model prisoner

all please & thank you’s

its time

time is all it is

& they laugh

like that’s all there is