wanting me to start the fire

minutes hours

days weeks

months years

as a teen

just waiting for something


to happen

I was but bored

at wits end

in my little town

wondering where

just where the freaks were

people with stuff going on

& later too much later

I realised

they were waiting on me

to get the party started

hiding behind their doors

wanting me to start the fire

while I made better plans

for moving on


No matter what
your teen years told you
is paying any attention
to you
your friends
will all gossip
about you
that is what they
have been told
they should do
this changes
when your life
goes wrong
that’s when
we sit up
pay heed
just to find out
who you
really are
remember this
for then
just do
what you need to do
to make you happy
we really are
not paying
much notice