as hers now

death has marked him

as hers now

a thin fine tattoo veil

drawn across that pale face

weighty enough

to pull down eyelids

corners of lips

create cant of eye

to distinguish what was

from what is now

& I do not tell him this

he knows

we all know

but only he can carry the burden

will bear until the end

we are forever onlookers

until she comes for us


ink on my old tattoo

everything fades

ink on my old tattoo

& I’m sure I swore

to never let you go

but everything fades babe

initials carved in a tree

memories get grown over

those tears dry up

tracks are washed away

& you are long gone

to the arms of another

I guess I’m not strong enough

to hold onto nothing

from yesteryear

life goes on

comes up with new

for me as it did with you

everything fades

under the sun

the tattoo

for the woman

who swore she wanted to be

beside you forever

the scars


& others

gave you too


turn silver

& are gone

even hate

withers in the sun

of a thousand days

years of forgetting

what was done

everything fades

your new blue jeans

colour in your hair

those strong muscles

helped make you become


you became

legs, arms

& then