Pink Floyd

he’s read all the books

listened to the early work

is in love with Syd Barrett

the mythos of the man anyway

& we’re almost on the same page

though he can’t help himself

reading from notes in the margin

written by some obsessive

late on a long spliff’d night

& I tell him the bits I know

the rifts between Roger & David

the sacking of Richard

the rhythm of Dave M thudding

keeping the thing on track

but he’s hearing with 21st century ears

sensibilities politics & fears

& the music he hears

is not what it was

in those years

the switch from mono to stereo

how that all shifted the mix

when this first came out of the radio

the dansette sat on the floor

we had to listen tight

over & over

see if we could get it

understand what the band were doing

proto anthropology students

on the trail of space alien spoor

trying to fit what we got now

with what had existed before

& it didn’t

there was a jar

between then & the new work

which created the excitement

this was new this was new

& we had to move

progress with it

or get out the way through the door

where what he hears

fits into patterns

created back then


his here & now

age is not a curse

he appeared from my side

they tell me he said you know things

things about the band with three leaders

Barrett Gilmour & Waters


the last with that inflection kids have

an uptick question lilt on the last of the sentence

so we jawed for a while about the Pink Floyd

took it outside to sit in the sun

taking it easy & for him to smoke

& while I talked some on Syd David & Roger

the arc of the band from the beginnings

he got his fixings pouch out to roll

the ritual if you like of joining papers

adding in a bit of tobacco then the green

he was asking questions all the time

he’d certainly read up about the band

but couldn’t quite make it all stick in his head

the sequence of things why Waters

might feel the way he did about the band

were Syd & David ever real leaders?

or frontmen while Waters wrote the most?

& as the sun wore down he smiled more

thanked me for sharing out my thoughts words

its been great to do this share thoughts

though I knew how he really felt

not once had he offered a pull on those joints

& I smiled back as I took my leave

y’know kid I said it’s going to be ok

you need to know though

age is not a curse