caught sight of you

coming out of a

downtown supermarket

as ever

your man carrying your bags

you looked ok


& I wondered idle

who he was

whose money

you were drinking on now

whose car

you were slowly wrecking

walls gateposts ditches

were always your nemesis

that & putting oil in the things

I drove away slow


you were not in my rearview


come in come in

Come in come in they say

so you go in & sit


for there is always something needed

doing first

before they’d get to you

the washing drying

a myriad of executions


can I get you something?

& you know better

than to ask for booze

as to elicit a frown of disapproval

so you say

what are you having?

If it is to be coffee

it will be the dull instant kind

no misunderstanding why it is cheap

there at the discount supermarket

& if booze

oh yes I’ll have the same

& a measure will be given

passed to the lips to be sipped

appreciated molecule by molecule

to want more is to indicate alcoholism

or worse gluttony

& you hear later they wonder

why you don’t visit more