such as you

Dear Neil

we’d like to invite you submit a poem

and to attend our annual poetry awards ceremony

this yearly event (since 1996) awards poets of merit

such as you

prestigious honors for their outstanding work

the ceremony is held in the XXXX 4 star hotel just outside sunny Los Angeles

on the 24th poets from all over the world will gather and receive awards

from $1000 to the overall Gold winner $500 for the Silver award and $250 for the

Bronze award winner other awards will be given of $100 each

all award winners will be included in this years annual awards winner anthology

these will be available after the event for $20 & will be sent to your home

we hope you will be able to attend as we feel your work is certainly worthy of a prize

rooms in the hotel are $300 including a buffet breakfast

other rooms in other hotels nearby are of course available our team will be happy

to help you find a booking

we hope you can attend our gala event on the 24th

to book your place at a table please send a $50 booking fee per person

this includes a light supper which does not include wine or drinks

book your place now by calling us on: using any major credit card

or by post to: enclosing a personal cheque

all attendees will receive a poetry awards lanyard & prize program

Your awards team

Laurie Syche-Ophant