coming home to you

I found all these places

had experiences

only you were not there

& I could tell you

all about them

but why should you care

just words from a weary traveller

tales of wonder woe

places you & I could go

I was tired of living in hotels

meeting working with strangers

eating drinking sleeping alone

coming home to you

who never knew

how much time I’d been away

there on my own

thinking of you

just between you & me

bad places

good learning

never sit with your back

to the door

middle of a public space

don’t corner somebody

meaner than you

if he has no friends

she has no friends

you will not be a friend

you can’t trust

a strangers scales

a person with a nickname

especially if its honest john

a call for a fair fight

a one time only

borrower of money

tools your time

just because she says

she is using contraception

that doesn’t mean

you don’t need to

if the police say

just between you & me

I know you didn’t do this

you don’t need a lawyer

or their lips are moving


they are trained to lie

to trap you into guilt

& you are not always

the smartest kid in the room

floating past my ears

all these words passing through

floating past my ears

people talking about family

things everybody knows

& nothing settles within

chimes resonates takes hold

their fulsome magic formula

of togetherness bonds of bind

where I have distance

strangers in a spread circle

using different languages

songs sung to separate

than join hands

fathers buried early

mothers gone to foreign lands

sister brothers halves & bastards

separated by vows of silence

things that cannot be spoken

secret shame whispered

in quieter corners behind hands

how I envy the warmth

to shake this coldness

that I will never understand