American breakfast

there at the ihop

just off’f the strip

as the pancakes came

commotion at the stop light

big window framing

boy dragging high yellow girl

out of a cab

reaching for her clutch bag

giving her a slight back hand

tears angry words then kisses

they came in eyes all around

staring them down

she all pretty smiles soft talking

him money in hand sitting back

grinning king for the day

full of yeah baby whatever you says

counting cash under the table

we’ll eat then get you fixed

me looking on

this hopper photo play

thinking whatever last night was

is gone

today is a new day

for these cats

to do over again

stories the ears to please

if I lost you

somewhere along the way

travelling fast & light

spare change gets caught in the seat covers

don’t mean I don’t miss it

at the next stop light

but you had a part to play didn’t you?

could have caught me up anytime

putting your foot down hard

sending me a post card you might

& if I lost you

somewhere in those middle years

maybe I thought you were busy

doing what you were doing

off into your own dark night

living your living easing your fears

while I wandered away to mine

ours are not the only lost souls

sending whispers on the breeze

our roads easy took a diversion

& if they meet on that lost horizon

there will be stories the ears to please