mary anning found me

I try to move amongst them

become part of the group

& end up almost despair

in tears of frustration

not understanding the what

of what is going on

I thought we were here to do X

I wanted to do that

learn all of that

but that seems not enough

for these people here

they need to gain status

set up an elite

a them & us situation

& I feel too keenly

the them label fitting too tight

not part of their clique

& all I wanted

was to do X

instead to only

feel failure again


he’s a good guy

does what he’s asked to do

& then goes home

& puzzled one day

he asked:

how come nobody talks to me?

& I tell him

your problem is you have no agenda

which of course he does not get

look around

see him, there?

he loves all the ladies

& they all love him back

no one is going to take him home

but here they know what he is

& that makes their day a bit easier

& her, there

she sells them stuff

perfumes, lipsticks, all the lady things

so that if they forget, she keeps ‘em safe

her girlfriend drinks all their wages

so she raises money for herself

& we support her in that way

& that silent one in the corner?

gossip queen, will find out everything

will tell all about your guilty secrets

spread them like yesterdays paper

in the kitty litter tray

& him, he likes to fight us all

to be the top dog

because here that gives him status

goes home to a woman who gives him hell

work does that to some people

gives them a place to be

an arena to be something more than they are

in their horrid, squalid lives

& you?

you have no agenda

you talk to nobody about what you want to be

what you feel yourself to be

take no part in the strategies at play here

you come in & do your job & go home

like we are all nobodies to you

aah, he says

& you?

you are the story teller eh?

sure, I say, if that’s what you want

but first, tell me all about you