face going on

she stomped up

something to say face going on

I find your stuff oh so serious

oh really? I asked

more from boredom than inquiry

you write about terrible terrible things

are you sure you read me?

oh yes all that exposition & you don’t rhyme ever

let me stop you I tried with a smile

I do rhyme now & then putting in the odd end

to catch you out like I do with my humour

I slide something in try looking on lines 5 or 8

thinking that’d keep her reading for a while longer

& if it wasn’t funny to her

that was to me

rented grin

teachers the ‘rents

always seemed to want

for me to smile

push the edge of these lips up

my response I learned not to give

maybe if you left me alone

I might find a reason to grin

seemed to me they needed

a forced smile from others

to convince themselves

they were doing a great job


all was well in their little world

when all I saw was patience

wearing thin with each other

& putting that on me

smile wide as the sky

she liked me lots

she said

smile wide as the sky

‘cos I smelled like trouble

& while

I was checking my ‘pits

she refilled from the bottle

& I fell down into a hole

coming up for air

noticing she wasn’t around

started heading for home

once more all alone

thinking on the night

pitch black swallowing me

all the way down

thinking if I don’t learn

something from this


will be her name

all over again

but hope

I walked everywhere then

in that easy gift of youth

good feet strong legs

the courage to wander

with nothing in my pockets

but hope

a smile on my face

a willing for something good to happen

creating its own confidence

to strut the streets

able to deal with whatever occurred

there in the day

where now

we must plan have destinations

contingencies resources

which only limit the possibilities

know better

got into a word tussle

with would be once friends

of mine

the kind

think their politics are better

if you’d just take their time

about how I had no fashion sense


I told ‘em

I bought these socks

hold the stink in same as

these underpants don’t ride

& my working man black levis

will always stand the test of time

this shirt I bought from a thrift

when I had little to no money

you’re saying what you got is better

because the names stitched in

you got more cash to spend

from your grind?

& you’d think I’d know better

to waste energy words

on these snobby types

but it was worth it

wipe that smirk smile

wanting to live easy

I know nothing

of these people who surround me

their raising nursery rhymes patterns of life

& they in turn know nothing of mine

we speak different languages dialect slang

yet nod smile connect as if we understand

such is the stuff of life the get along

pushing through our days

painless please if we can

living on good will

wanting to live easy

some idea that there is a plan

we’re all broke here baby

I’m broke she said

looking at the floor

sad smile downward eyes

we’re all broke here baby

I said

corners of mouth lifted

but feeling no smile inside

no I’m broke

as in I can’t pay my rent

& the landlord will hassle me again

I owe for the month & if I don’t pay this time

he’ll want paying in some way

cash or the other…

so we passed a hat around

raised a goodly amount

I took her home drank for a while

looking at her her pale bare walls

leaving around three quiet spent

come back tonight bring a bottle

we’ll do it all again she said

so I knocked her door at seven

& the landlord came out stiff angry

she’s run off stiffed me the rent

you a friend of hers can help me out?

nope she caught me too I said

corners of mouth turned down

but feeling the smile inside

just one more that got away eh?

project away

this face

set of the brows

look on the lips

I was always

hey you at the back


if that’s not too much

to ask?


I can see you

are in a bad mood

are angry

upset about something

the happiness thief

taker of things

stealer of love

bad man in black mood

& all I had was

this face

set of the brows

look on the lips

for you to project


it’ll come to you

somewhere out in the woods

by the thin river

I found the old man

sitting loose

leaning against a stump

whittling on a piece of tree

he smiled asked of me

you got any water son?

so I settled nearby

I’m making me a stick he told

to help me get out of here

ran out of water

kind of everything really

I thought I was easy

forgot I was no longer spry

the things they don’t tell you

about this getting old

is it all catches up on you

taking an easy walk in the woods

becomes a trial

something life threatening


but I was young then

could only smile offer help

he took the water

& fell into step

as we walked out to safety

for him

while for me it was only

to a place I’d been

we can call it pride

if you will

preferable to macho bullshit

that side of you

people never knew

I helped kept hidden

where you did me harm

cutting to size you called it

to hold me tight

the side hidden by your charms

where people thought you

all sweetness & light

not hearing your rages


there in the night

& when I let you go

the same fools cheered

I told you so

she was too good for him

as you slipped away

smile hiding your sins

& we can call it pride

I kept all of this

hidden inside