a place to sit

these things happen

when not paying attention

I had bad dreams

for days afterwards

fighting demons

until I understood

where I’d gone wrong

not paying real attention

to the people walking by

looking right on in

knowing exactly where I was

tho’ covered by camo

deep in amongst the trees

then came aches in my legs

low voices whispering

unkind in the night

this once precious space

was mine no more

whether a wrong coven

ditched disbelievers

had gotten in to sully

the signs were there

time to say adios

thank you & goodbye

find another place

where I could just sit

let the world

whir on


they let you know

if you watch the signs

you get there before them

he was looking for some guy

he felt had done him wrong

& we were stringing along

for nothing else to do

as he stalked the riverfront

looking for his man

& there crossing the junction

there was a clatter of steel

flash shining in the streetlight

he’d accidentally dropped

his pressed steel knuckles

& he called the night as over

this accident confirmed that

as now the cops wouldn’t be long

truth being he hadn’t the guts to do

but felt he had to show out

as a man of violence

tho’ we knew now without doubt

while his resolve might be good

his will to do the actual wicked stuff

was never that strong

walking with the ranger

looking at ways

to improve signs

interpretation boards

& this sign? he asked quiet

it says fuck off!

I said

I put this in place he explains

because climbing that cliff

is dangerous

yeah, got that I agreed

but the wise people

they look at the cliff

& say not today jesus

I’ll come when I’m ready

& just walk on

but your average fuckwit?

it’s a challenge

I’m rough & tough me

bring it the fuck on

will set out to conquer

just to prove you wrong

the more than average fuckwit

looks reads the sign & says

yes of course

now tell me something

I don’t know

you get all of that he asks

from just this one sign?

well there is more…

I understand he wants people

to be safe out here in the remote

but he doesn’t understand

that people do stupid things

just for fun

the rush

then he asks

do you need to use the word

fuck so much?

well there is more…

I say

as we walk on with hope

of understanding

hypno regression

I spend every day

walking my stone circle

& nights here in my cloak

watching the stars & moon

waiting for the signs to come

sky to change

from these I tell the farmers

when to plant

hunters to go out & succeed

feed the tribe

as the deer migrate

fish rise in the river

when the village has to harvest crops & fruits

the time to slaughter cattle for winter

the omens to prepare against attack

which clan younglings are born into

& in finality for some

where when & how they will be buried

& the price to be paid

for all of these

is to live

be alone


if revered

always alone

unless sage advice

warnings from the gods

words to the wise are sought

& then I am abandoned

until needs arise again

this too is written