sit down

early morning

I needed to sit down on the crapper

doing what I needed to do

& getting up to wash my hands

seeing in the mirror there

I really needed to shave

making the lather feeling the blade

reflecting on the allegory

or was it metaphor?

we create the stink we live in

& do the clean up we see

which does not fix the problem

we created in the first place

Women got a broom

I was feeling low that morning

couldn’t find the energy

fill the bowl with hot water

find the razor to shave

focus on doing

the what needs doing

but I still made it out

go see the listening lady

sitting still in her room

& I told her of feeling low

today I just couldn’t deliver

make the show

& she told me

whatever men do women do too

but they also got a broom

up their ass to sweep along

cleaning up after everyone

I should get my sorry ass

up out of the chair

get home scrape that razor

put on my best face

go do what I gotta do

cos you know

whatever it is you do

women got a broom

to do more than you

love in a battle zone

the midge flies

will be speckling the basin again now

I cleared them so’s I could shave

in that grey off white porcelain bowl

not fussed at all & remembering

Herbert said: you do what the circumstances

around you demand

& this was an outside toilet block

set in the boiling sun

only a few trees for screening

the water was hot as I stared deep

right into that mottled mirror

& I wanted the beautiful woman

to love me long whispering in my ears

as we would rock into the hot night

but first this stubble that raked her cheeks

she hated with a passion I wanted more

then a shower

& later we will see

what the night brings