pride can be such a shallow beast

the man wants help fill in forms

talk to the man in court

& I say we can do this

but I need the full story

just lay it out like it

or maybe was back then

otherwise we go in there

they ambush on what they call facts

& he stumbles over words

checking out how I care about him

aware he doesn’t come out well

like I’d be surprised about this

or maybe about him

& how to say I don’t care?

even the lowest snake

deserves some defence

even of it is another snake

doing the talking

like me

we all got shame

just that some hide it better

than others

if we could have done better

we would have


pretty shallow

it was her face I first noticed

then that sensuous body

& I talked with her

liked what I heard

& before I knew what was what

I was involved

in the intricacies of her life

she had a man but could not leave him

would be with me until the witching hour

sometime around one

& I took all that she gave

never extracted more than the willing

her needs to be fulfilled

until I got to it one night

feeling the empty bed beside

not suggesting tears saying I cried

but man there was nothing there

could fill this gap inside

& I let her go knowing full well

she was never mine anyway

just my dish of shallow

thin tepid pool

that I could never dive into


she wrote me

a couple of times about Shakespeare

we were due to be on the same continent

for a while

& then was gone

& I wondered on her

her life where she lived

what did she look like

yes I’m shallow

appearance counts

for me to be attracted to

was she

had she been married

could she even have been into me

my looks & worse

would she be

that shallow too?

shards in these shallow seas

there are words people use

heard overheard

from brighter smarter people

they think they can use

to diminish you

make you less than them

she said

you are so shallow

like that meant something

from someone with little to offer

& just to be mean

I asked her

can you explain please?

with a smile & straight face

knowing she hadn’t a clue

oh she flustered some

changed the subject

while I tried to hold the sneer away

saying thank you thank you

in case that little brittle face cracked

leaving nothing but shards

in these shallow seas