you see’er of visions

I love your work

she said

upholding the tradition

you see’er of visions

treading the poets path

way of connecting

the world without

to what lies within

& like any slinger of words

I was happy to be flattered

about what I put down

but this?

hints of something darker

you see things others don’t

hold fast to truths

others dare not name

sleep with me

whisper your words in the night

& I will give you the world

which I never did

so she didn’t do that either

but I do know

these latter days

she will give you

a cut-price tarot reading

if you are on a budget

Jims dead baby

she loved the words

wanted me to write

keep them coming honey

life is gonna be a blast

I’m not Jim I said

not that she could hear

neither Hank nor Byron

what I got is mine alone

those ears all stoppered

full of dead love

wanting to be the true amour

of the see’er a prophet

I knew this couldn’t last

but hey I’m a poet

we ride the beast

whether pony donkey mule

all the way into the dirt

screaming hallelujah!

& pass the ammunition