she was throwing words


down the hall

heading for the door

I’ll make you wish

you’d never been born!

& I was shielding

throwing back scorn

hell baby I’m already at

wishing we’d never met

half way there already

shouldn’t be too much work

there for you at all

she slammed the door

enough to rattle the neighbours

twitch their curtains

but I knew she’d be back

drama like this

with an easy audience

always but always

deserves an encore


I threw the music at them

tracks I loved

felt held parts of my soul

things I could not have said

hoping against mad hope

the lyrics might stick

hold some better sense

I loved them badly

in the curse of youth

& music was all I had in the world

to translate the crazy in my head

into more meaningful words

reaching across to them

while I waited for something better

floating in on the rising tide

taking me through tomorrow

the days after that

somebody else’s words

on a borrowed melody

hoping this was might be

something more

than jetsam crossing the void