not in peace

I sat down

where the great man wrote

to take a look

read from his book

& heard what he heard

saw what he saw

& I understood the words

had already fallen

for the idea

some time ago

felt the sense of place

exit from cities

foul humanity

dirt squalor disgrace

but I was not the only pilgrim

others had been before

& no doubt more

will come

like those who leave their litter

bottles cans paper plastic

homage corrupts if the wanderer

comes for bragging rights

not in peace


the hours

had blurred together

I needed to close my eyes

in some place safe

not on planes in trains buses cars

& if asked

I couldn’t tell you how far

when I knocked your door


your face

fingers holding edge of wood

words did not matter


all was there in the stutter stumble

fluttering eyes not wanting to focus

& all I needed was some place safe

close these eyes of mine

though I couldn’t say how far

I’d come

but nobody here was asking

as none of that mattered