its hard to pin the tail

on the donkey now

the why & what of it

but we hated our parents

maybe it was

their indifference to us

never getting us

the ridicule

embarrassing us for fun

in front of their friends



that’d do it

that & the endless rules

don’t do that

be like the other kids

be something other

than who you are

& we swore blood oaths

to be different

not be the same

better than this them

but I look around now

to realise

so few of us made that

so few

& a couple of them

are now dead

not that I didn’t want more

my hand is always open

as is my heart

but the pool is small

can hold my hand tight

in theirs

mine darkest nights

the few know

no time is the wrong time

every moment we have is now

& that in itself surprises me

so few understand

hold on to each other

when the rain comes

the sun shines

as each are but the same

the mountains will remain the same

there are no answers

waking at three is no good anymore

it has been a while since I was crawling through the door

at this kind of time

& instead the dark closes in my mind

thinking how of other changes in my life

when did I begin to care about the nothings of time?

I had my understanding nobody cares about anything

unless they are lovers or kith & kine

& even they have learnt to look the other way

when you come looking for answers

a kinder way to make it through

your bowl open & empty is all they see

& rather than tell you they too are empty

they will tell you to go look in another direction

there you might seek answers to find

leaving you to understand you are wrong again

these loves you look upon are only but chains

care for what you want to care

ignore what doesn’t kill you

& the mountains will remain the same