& would prefer

evil as

I’ve only met true evil

three times

& would prefer

not meet a fourth


all I see is jealousy

misguided misdirected emotions

playing out of control

uncomfortably in public

to teach lessons to others

only the actor can discern

oh they may look the same

but these are not sadism

driven to action

the way evil does

doing sick things

because it can

or wants to

go visit

they never asked

so I never told them

what it cost


for me to go visit

to try & stay with them

to put myself aside

pretend to forget

for the few hours

we got to play happy families

but always too soon

the cracks would open up

pretence would wear thin

stories would be told

& if I wasn’t quick enough

to slow these down

the sadism would shine through

& I’d have to leave again