square pegs etc

you meet them

but they never meet you

rubbing shoulders

going to the same places

but they know the people

in charge

who run things


& it is writ large

over their every way

these are the round people

for the round holes

square pegs etc

they fitted

even before they turned up

signed in

the shoulders destined

to rub get on

while me & you

make up the numbers

create the impression

the game was not rigged

all along

ten second rule

if it can’t be fixed in ten seconds

he says

then don’t mention it

spinach in the teeth

flies undone is a yes

gender race color religion?

these are no no’s he goes

but then how do we change opinions

gain understanding of each other

ask the questions that matter?

are we to hide behind our hands our manners

like in some dated Victorian farce?

is it you have some idea we leave

these things to our betters

those with more skills education than you & me?

because those people live behind gates

have high ivory towers

that will never happen or do

it is us who have to bump along

shoulder to shoulder on our streets

it is here that truths & people meet

not in remote institutions faceless & frail