D had been laid off

winter being down time for the muck shift

working heavy machinery building roads

& called to say he was broke

could I help at all?

all he had was a mobile home

somewhere out next to a muddy track

I had nothing not even a hangover

scrounged around found a tin or two

old packets of dead dried soup

stuck my thumb into the December black

set out to see if I could help & the cars came slow

I wasn’t a pretty picture on the side of the road

me needing their ride their heater full on

talking up my mission of mercy

one guy bought me a coffee & doughnut

& the last ride gave me a five

with a bible tract said the lord would help

all I had to do was pray & he’d take the load

& when I got there D had had a come up

some money the govt said it owed

we had us a drink on that got a meal

& during the night the rats came in

to get out of the cold eating slices of bread

we had nothing for breakfast then

as I stepped back out into the dark

all I was holding the cold the road my thumb

headed back to where I came from

but at least now I had a hangover

before you even begin

there was some report

I was reading

my thoughts really elsewhere

one of those things everywhere

on the internet scrolling through

about rats & how they go on or give up

rats given trauma early on give up

while those fed content given good stimuli

go on & on to achieve

& you wonder what sick fuck

devises trauma discontent torment for rats

just what was the job description?

& of course there is the parallel

between how we treat our poor

give more to the well fed contented

but I gave up  on

reading all about it

red lippy & nails women

she was one of those blonde,
red lippy & nails women
& I liked her a lot
made me laugh out loud
would buy her share of drinks
& more on days
when I couldn’t
it would’ve been great
if everything had stopped there
but we’re people
& people fuck everything up
I went home with her
had some horrible half fumble fuck
woke up hungover
& went for a piss
her bathroom was a shambles
toothbrush caked in paste
soap abandoned on the floor
behind the tub were squeaks
the toilet was brown
the sink had not been scrubbed
looked like since bought
covered in strange stains
grey lines
orange rings
I wanted out of there
If you can’t keep
where you live clear
I’ve got issues
the kitchen
made me refuse
the coffee offer
& I got out of there
we met a few more times
over the years
but I couldn’t bring myself
no matter how drunk
to return
the last time we spoke
she was telling people
how she’d had an invasion
by rats
& they tutted
muttered how sad
all they saw
the blonde hair
red lippy & nails