over positive

ooh sweetie trilled the hippy lady

life is just one lesson after another

you learn from the lesson & move on

you let it go

otherwise you become a prisoner

to yourself!

oh really I said all soft in the way

that gets my girl clutching my arm

never quite sure

what I might say next

have you ever been a prisoner?

I asked

as my girl sighed sat back

no! of course not!

mrs hippy getting all indignant as I smiled

well maybe it isn’t always possible

to just learn the lesson & let it all go

there may be always will be others invested

in not letting you let your lesson go?

we are talking about spirituality here

she continued getting nervous

have you er ever been a prisoner?

oh I’ve learned my lessons I countered

& I let all difficult lessons & labels go

haven’t you?


the dream was of some northern gulag

guards who didn’t speak a word

tight small shitty cells

death scrawls on the walls

then an open space I could see the sky

plot an escape

though I never did

reckoning the odds were against me

making the border

& when I awoke

I firmly understood the significance

I am my own prisoner

guards too

there are things I will do

things I won’t

I stop my own adventures

before they even begin

the choices I make without thinking

no words or gestures necessary

to keep me prisoner

behind invisible bars

& there will be no escape