blood on the knife

oh I had my politics

went on marches did strikes

petitioned joined protested

& the closer I got

to the power

like all institutions

the more I realised

the only ones getting rich

were those


writing speeches

getting the free lunches dinners

expense accounts

& I saw rats in the sewers

blood on the knife

as it cut through the bullshit

these people were opera stars

making the right noises

playing to the crowds

while sucking up the money

there from the trough

while the poor waited waited

for the promises never to come

know better

got into a word tussle

with would be once friends

of mine

the kind

think their politics are better

if you’d just take their time

about how I had no fashion sense


I told ‘em

I bought these socks

hold the stink in same as

these underpants don’t ride

& my working man black levis

will always stand the test of time

this shirt I bought from a thrift

when I had little to no money

you’re saying what you got is better

because the names stitched in

you got more cash to spend

from your grind?

& you’d think I’d know better

to waste energy words

on these snobby types

but it was worth it

wipe that smirk smile

heart in the right place

his heart is in the right place

we go back a few years

& he’s on a roll

wanting me to vote

for his guy

says he’s worth the time

& I ask him straight

when was the last time

you saw a politician

in a poor suit

struggling in a cheap dress?

their hair is always

an expensive cut

made up to the nines

smiling for the tv

& a very few now

are not millionaires

who was the last one

came up from the streets

& not straight out of law school?

oh you’re such a cynic he says

but I know your

heart is in the right place

all of life

she did not understand

why I went to the bullfights

tho’ I told her

all of life is there

you see the matador?

he stands there

performing veronicas

with his cape

urging the bull to his will

forcing the animal

to charge when he wants

how he shapes

the beast to do these things

watching for weakness

paying attention to the details

of how the bull behaves

so he can make a clean

complete kill?

that there

is office politics

minus the cape

the paseo & music

but the sword?

you bet

still there

everything falls away

time is rust

oxidising beliefs


sexual desires




& it creeps

in slow dust


until one day

you look around


how did I get here

become this?

& time snickers

there in the wings

you thought you had her

& instead

she has

will have you

every last drop

speakable unpleasantries

my mind is that way made

I see things either as they are

or off to the side as you

can spy the truth of it

quicker than others do

& worse I say this out loud

which I never quite understood

was verboten never done

seeing the way people were

seemed that doing bad things was ok

but not the saying of half hidden truths

& somehow I was the bad guy for this

while the rotten actors got away

to perform over & over again

the same in politics entertainment

as in life

Morality tales

civics it was called

learning all about the world we lived in

politics & government-not the same thing

the great institutions of life

& man how some of those lessons

would drag on in the hot afternoon

as we clock watched our minutes to freedom

our teacher would get exasperated

after all he was teaching us great things

his droning on about what we did in the world

was how it would be made for us

we must strive it was our duty

to make the world a better place to be

& we tittered laughed into our hands

ok ok now calm down

just what is so funny about that?

he’d try staring us out down that long nose

which only made us laugh even more

you he said pointing at Robert

what is so funny here?

well sir you are asking us to fix this world

& as you have carefully pointed out

how we are in the world makes it as it is

therefore using your logic sir

your generation is the one that has made this mess

at that the laughter erupted into full flow

the teacher turned puce began shaking

& then threw us all out into the sun

feeling we had won some skirmish

with those who had all the guns

He’s gone loco

these days

wants to convince me

of how we should


live right

there’s a campaign

there is always

a campaign

a petition

a march

a protest

and if we don’t get behind


we’re all fascists


and there is always

a pull on our heads

to do this

get that right

a something to

get in the way

of living for you


but no

we must walk this way

his way

and all I can think


if you are going to go

the full jesus

walk lightly

on the water