as foolishness

don’t ever forget

I remember you

will remember you

until the last breath

I breathe

& I know you had to go

felt every reason to leave

but know too

I was true to you

that askew point of view

you had

was only the blues

wailing low in your thoughts

& what you mistook

as foolishness

were only

this poor boys attempts

trying to be loving

& kind


you meet them everywhere

& your innate response

is to cock the head to one side


clingers to truth

it was this way in my youth

so this must be as it is now

& where to begin?

nobody has the right

to dislodge another’s point of view

out dated out moded

downright dysfunctional

though it maybe

head to one side you mutter

yeah ok I understand

I hold a different view

& the best of all of this

is they firmly understand


are the one in the wrong