surface gloss

I was sold

miss sold to be precise

encouraged to look out

find in the world

things to believe in

get behind be part of

but the nearer I got

looked closer at

beyond the surface gloss

I could see the eyeliner

lipstick on the pig

the flashy box & ads

held only plastic within

& for a while disillusion set in

until I got to the place

where I understood full

it was up to me

to find my own reasons

to live


prigs paradise

never one in any way avuncular

a snuffling pig hunting me down

every chance he got

handcuffed me to the back of the sofa

so’s I couldn’t watch the tv

pulled my fingernails back

until I confessed to smoking

which I had yet decided to try

all he said to keep me in line

& the other turned a blind eye

though he had once helped

me to learn to read help me he claimed

to keep my snotty nose clean yet

invited confessions of everyday things

wanted me to tell him of my days

make reports back to the torturers

those with rules but no handkerchiefs

& the others were distant creatures

beasts wandering far off plains

whose only homilies seemed to be

honour your father & mother

do as your duty entails

meantime do as I say

not what I do

or else