as people will

there are guides

will take your money

as people will

for anything

offering themselves

as leaders in the lore

wanting followers in their wake

when all you need do

is sit


watch the world

wait for the patterns to form

see the unseen

let all of that

come to you

for you to be

rather than

put your pennies down

be told

how to do

wanting to live easy

I know nothing

of these people who surround me

their raising nursery rhymes patterns of life

& they in turn know nothing of mine

we speak different languages dialect slang

yet nod smile connect as if we understand

such is the stuff of life the get along

pushing through our days

painless please if we can

living on good will

wanting to live easy

some idea that there is a plan

These patterns

these patterns formed

built from hunger hard times

deprivations of nothing going on

hanging on to the tiniest crumb

eking out every moment from

taking everything offered

until that’s gone

time to move on

these patterns

create their own down

for all that given is not good

healthy to the system

but that at the time

feels better than none

Pink Floyd

he’s read all the books

listened to the early work

is in love with Syd Barrett

the mythos of the man anyway

& we’re almost on the same page

though he can’t help himself

reading from notes in the margin

written by some obsessive

late on a long spliff’d night

& I tell him the bits I know

the rifts between Roger & David

the sacking of Richard

the rhythm of Dave M thudding

keeping the thing on track

but he’s hearing with 21st century ears

sensibilities politics & fears

& the music he hears

is not what it was

in those years

the switch from mono to stereo

how that all shifted the mix

when this first came out of the radio

the dansette sat on the floor

we had to listen tight

over & over

see if we could get it

understand what the band were doing

proto anthropology students

on the trail of space alien spoor

trying to fit what we got now

with what had existed before

& it didn’t

there was a jar

between then & the new work

which created the excitement

this was new this was new

& we had to move

progress with it

or get out the way through the door

where what he hears

fits into patterns

created back then


his here & now

not about control

oh no

never alone

until the day you said goodbye

& that was such a relief

not to have to think

of you first

how anything would play by you

never lost in my thoughts

without you asking

what was going on in my head

dissecting each process

how everything affected you

your tears to bleed

& I was never alone

to count the seconds

patterns in sun on the wall

reflect on happier times

before you took them all

put them in your scrapbook

forever yours to keep