how the world works

try harder

were the words

nailed on walls

written in the self help books

on the run to be healthy lips

if people did not love you

accepted the way you were

try harder be more

put yourself out there

where I felt

do less

was to be more reasonable

in tune

with how the world works

come Saturday the sleep slays the hours

I did it because I could

tired of working 12hr shifts

& the pick me up

towards the end of those hours

meant I could finish

go home see my girl & live a little

but then it gets to

having a taste when you start

because you’re still burned out

from yesterday

& you make it through today

make it through the week

come Saturday the sleep slays the hours

& she wants to go out see friends

go eat brunch go shop clothes

& sleep is all you need

so she goes on her own

& Saturday night you take a taste

go sweep through the town

& Sunday you need sleep again

but there’s chores to be done

& you’re on the run baby

you’re on the hook now

just to do your life your love

your fun


sit & wonder

as a feckless kid

I lay on the ground

staring at the stars

thinking of space as empty

were there threads between constellations

& later

in classrooms

trying to narrow the space

between teachers & me

later me & students who sat there

wondering why they’d lost an evening

time during the day to come

& I wonder how many of us

ever bridge that gap between words

& our thoughts always

on the run