no more

walking through the streets

greeting the dawn

jaundiced eyes & of feeling

just a one night stand

she was pleasant enough

was sober enough

to have driven us home

from some party I’d wandered

been invited at last minute

to be dragged away at one

by this creature of the night

taken me to her bed

thrown me out first light

with talk we’ll meet up again

& I knew walking no

no we wouldn’t

I’d broken the promise to me

of no more last minute complicateds

but to keep it simple from now on

meet ‘em sober love ‘em sober

see if that builds something more

than drunken fumbles

leading to exit doors

leaving Liverpool bay

there were songs sung

of tugboats ships

leaving Liverpool bay

bound for where

I cannot say

as I was young & not listening

hearing more the licks riffs

of rock & roll

not the songs of bargees on the canals

boys men women working

at that hard knock life

shipping goods I did not understand

& now the man

sings for me no more

& if I wanted to hear those folk

old time melodies

would need hard research

& would never be the same