promises made

bits of paper found

when preparing to thin the herd

promises made to her

& her

of fidelity

undying love


oodles of moon in June

romantic guff

thrown there on the line

from the low depths of self pity

anguish of being thrown over

& now?

I have no idea

of where she is

or her

no trace of the love

I put down

no irony there

in the phrases of eternal care

to pay respects

I never knew

fella had been to the house

many times over time

helped the old man decorate

hung paper on walls

painted the gloss skirting

I never knew about you

had no idea you existed

tho’ I worked with him

thirty plus years more

never saw a photo

pictures on the wall

shoes slippers toys

& he never mentioned

not one word of any of you

& here you are

at his funeral

I’m here to pay respects

I guess you are too?