these days

through the border into spain

mid morning over the pyrenees

the hog growling off rock walls

all I heard was wind & purring

enjoying leaning the curves

then suddenly

cars across the road

machine guns being waved

we were stopped dead

a hand demanding papers

in that universal sign language

we took our helmets off

they saw the blonde

& everything changed

as that always does

they waved us on

later that day on the news

we saw the big story of the day

they’d picked up an ETA fella

being moved over the mountains

back of a Yamaha

that being how they do these things

these days

best left to heal

the thought of talking

to you again

fills me with horror

but if I could find

you were doing ok

had moved on

doing what you need

that would be enough

information to please

I’d not need the gaps

filling in on your family

weak kneed friends

half followed hobbies

work with sad others

your need to please

lets forget the idea eh?

no news

is always good news