staid for stayed

we were nothing

but bored kids

hanging round our small town

looking for things to do

excited by new

finding booze a rush

stealing it wherever we could

having no funds of our own

looking for drugs

growing plants from bird seed

in the woods

I got out first chance I could

& when or if I go back

to that same small town

I see him skulking the margins

still bored

no funds of his own

looking for something still

unable to repeat


had told her something

which she felt unable

to repeat

& the gig was over

nobody needed

the fat lady to sing

oh sure I could ask

please don’t interpret me

listen to the words I say

watch how I treat you

every single day

but somebody somewhere

had told her something

& nothing I did or said

would ever get through again

so I took the poor love

I’d been given slow

all that wounded pride

gave her my great goodbyes

loose mixtapes best books

found a safe place to hide

sad lick my wounds

& took a little while

before I found a new bright sky

why so quiet?

she wants to know

he wants to know

& I have nothing to say

to either of them

they sure as hell

will not want

my opinion

words on what they got

going on yesterday

the things they did today

their cars

their families

dogs cats in laws

what they saw at the movies

on the internet tv

we spoke on these things

some time ago

& I can’t see

anything new brought into play

as they can only talk

of things

not themselves

their ideas are not their own

& that is why

I keep quiet most days

though nobody wants silence

in the face of this

its all I can say

new girls friends

dragged off to meet people

her friends

the ones pulled her through

& it becomes hard to care

you started this

eyes across a room

flimsy meet in the street

& now

there are faces to say hello to

& there will be one

there always is

treat her right or you will

have to answer to me

threats now

like I had any other

ideas in mind

makes a man want to walk

but you stay try anyway

& later she wonders why

you don’t want to meet

her friends again


she loved the snobbery

looking down her nose

sorting out the neighbours

better than being more money

lower than fewer toys they owned

always looking out for status

never within

failing to understand

grasp the nettle of real class

being who you are

doing the stuff you need

ever want to do


these are the important things

to do for your kith & kin

not for how they look to others

I saw her try to catch their eye

showing out new shoes clothes

carpets curtains furniture cars

watch them try to slide by unseen

not get caught up in her dramas

felt her interpret that misguided

into her hierarchies where

of course

she would be queen

people got insurance

there at the bar

man is feeling flush

had a little touch last night

& tonight he’s all flash

new suit new shoes

new shirt new attitude

& who cares if some no mark


is missing some jewellery tv cash?

he’s at the bar buying beers

& no one here is gonna ask

where the money he got came from

people got insurance don’t they?

to be an adventurer

to return to places

is now

to be an adventurer

for what was

is now not is

the eye gets drawn to the differences

the houses bars shops

filling in  with places

where there used to be spaces

plots for vegetal

peasant peon poverty smallholdings

& the offer has changed

from rural to mccy’d’s

burger king Kentucky fried sunglass hut

o’neill swimwear rayban surfer dudes

chain supermarkets offering the same

no need to sprechensee le lingo

everybody habla hello ciao

grazie a’voir prego danke

nein danke bitte merci thank you

have a nice day

& we swear to never return

but what is

will not be

next time

like a rock star


that can be said


between lovers


the indifferent

has over the millennia

been said

maybe in different clothes





that can be done

between lovers






has been done

& all you & I

have to do now

is be like a rock star

every night in a new city

& act like

everything you have to offer

is new

Travel is ever hopeful

visiting the unknown

disliking the discomfort

the inevitable delays

frustrations of language

& hard as we might try

to surrender to the strange

we tend to create

the customary along the way

oh that looks like

this reminds me of

those houses are similar

to those in that place

where was it now?

& on we go

slotting the new

exotic places events

into familiar holes

fast tracking the fresh into familiar

so as not to scare ourselves

too much & to

make the world easier to digest