tight & tighter

so many jams

tight corners

that I’d talked my way


finding myself caught up

again & again

trying to find new ways

to be

& to create

a decent way out

without hurting people

meant I ended up

hurting me

that’s the problem with people

they’ll happily watch

as you trap yourself

stand idle by & giggle

as you flail

your way out

took me the whole way

took me the whole way

had what I thought was love

happy to be with you

trying out new ways

things to do

& you took me the whole way

further than anyone



pillow talking hopes wishes dreams

the secret fantasies

I’d kept deep inside

I could be without embarrassment

no shame

& you took that faith for weakness

care love kindness for granted

so I had to let you go

& you thought to punish

to tell the world what was so

aah! the secrets out of the box

there was you thinking

it was me had the badness

the world needed to know

when it was you all along

they love the gossip

but no one loves the tattle tale

find new ways

the contemporary artist

must be seen as exciting

thrusting into the new

find new ways

to throw fuck into the equation

shit bollox wanker words

creating no nuance but statement

maybe a cockwomble

a feint towards fey with fucktard

with a knowing wink

we can get down & low

fly high towards the flaming sun

using cuss words as we go

anything to create sense of pace

not aloof but down with the people

a worker with a range of vocabulary

not afraid to be the asshole

if that gets the dirty job done