some minor celeb

pulling out of London

early afternoon train

gliding the slidings junctions

& there opposite me

was this minor celebrity

did DIY projects on the tv

sitting pleased with his plump wife

looking out at the scenery

complaining about the graffiti

as he showed his train pass

provided by the production company

I spoke up that’s not graffiti

those are tags peoples names

proclaiming this place as territory

oh yeah? he drawled sweet

some expectation of voice recognition

oh yeah those are the only fame

some of these street kids

are ever gonna get

I could see his eyes harden

feel thoughts stir in his head

hear the clampdown

on the getting of them said

as we sat in silence

for the rest of that ride

know better

got into a word tussle

with would be once friends

of mine

the kind

think their politics are better

if you’d just take their time

about how I had no fashion sense


I told ‘em

I bought these socks

hold the stink in same as

these underpants don’t ride

& my working man black levis

will always stand the test of time

this shirt I bought from a thrift

when I had little to no money

you’re saying what you got is better

because the names stitched in

you got more cash to spend

from your grind?

& you’d think I’d know better

to waste energy words

on these snobby types

but it was worth it

wipe that smirk smile

it’s a long list

that I cannot find the time

put pen to paper

write your names on the line

oh my loves

how you let me down

leaving me in times of need

left me standing there

my feet dangling empty air

kicking at nothing

oh my loves

how you let me down

waiting at the gate

standing wistful best clothes on

I looked around

& you were not there

already gone

oh my loves

how you let me down

ready for the race

listening for the starters gun

first up in the relay

you to pass the baton

already going for home

oh my loves

how you let me down