longest time

looking today along the shelf

finding a dusted book

I’d read so long ago

her inscription inside fly leaf

inspired me to wonder on her

did she ever get to understand

that I was not her enemy?

& just how long did it take

for her coven of haters

to disband?

because y’know

some people

just never get there at all

not even in the longest time

longest time

I had no one but me

to look for explanation

never understanding

why people take

the cheap shots they do

& I was never ever

quick enough

to put them back in their box

say the only show up here

is the one you got

I’d be numb in mind & mouth

just wondering lost

why they do the things they do

the energy to pull down

put nothing in its place

& I understand now

all about projection

but if I try to explain

their ears eyes are closed

not wanting to listen

they got their game going on